Does Covid-19 Kill Xmas Mood?

Not in Christmas mood? The only topic you can think of is Covid-19?
We all know that this year was a tough one. But don’t worry, see it from the bright side!

You don’t have to drive around the city all day long. There is no traffic, no coughing people and no need to search for a parking spot. Just prepare yourself a cup of tea, put your favorite holiday music on and get ready for an online shopping adventure!

First, make a list of your family and loved ones and everybody you should think of during holiday season. Don’t forget your business partners. Even your neighbor will be happy to receive a small gift. You have the list? Perfect, let’s get started!

For the kids, it’s the most sparkling time of the year. Of course, they would love to see a new IPad under the Christmas tree, but why not try something else?
Besides the usual presents like dolls, cars or computer games, Robots are the newest trend when it comes to children toys. They help your child to develop technical skills in a fun way. Artie 3000 The Coding Robot, is one of those cute friends. You can get him on Amazon for 49$. Your child is more of an active one?  Maybe a new computer sports game will be the right choice (one that keeps the whole family fit).

For women it won’t be so hard to find the right gift.
Guys listen closely! Diamonds are a girl’s best friends, but also less pricy jewelry pieces will win the heart of your loved one. Great sides to find something cute are “” or “Zoeca Jewelry”. Besides jewelry, everything that transforms your bathroom into a home-spa is a perfect present choice!

The man in our life might be complicated sometimes but finding the right present for him will be easy! Stay away from socks and ties this year, and gift your man with something he can really use. For the fitness fanatics a sport watch, or a Mini Basketball Hoop are great choices. If your man is rather tech savvy, try it with a new Tech Kits or an Analog & USB record player. No matter what you will gift him, he’ll love it because it is from you!

When it comes to your boss and your colleagues, finding the right present might be tricky. You need something great and appropriate at the same time. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Try it with an essential oil diffuser or a room scent this year. This will not only turn the office into a spa, but the right scent can help to focus and concentrate. Plants are a great present choice as well. They not only look great but help to increase the oxygen levels in the room.

Last but not least your neighbors. Let’s not forget those who accept your packages when you are not at home. Wine, chocolate, cookies or home décor are always a good choice, for those who are giving us a helping hand.
Now you are prepared for Xmas. There is no need to stress anymore. Just relax and enjoy!