The Coziest Cafés In The City Of Vienna

Admittedly, on a cold, cloudy afternoon, leaving your own four walls can be an effort. However, in order not to get a camp fever and still be able to benefit from cosiness and a pleasant atmosphere, we present you locations that pamper all the senses with a cozy living room atmosphere and the best offers. Why not even move your own living room and settle down for a relaxed coffee and cake session in one of the many cozy coffee houses in Vienna? We present you a selection of our favorite, cozy and cozy cafes in town, which will spoil you with delicacies and a beautiful ambience according to all the rules of the art.

Cafe Caspar

Our list of the cosiest cafés in Vienna starts with Café Caspar. This wonderful oasis of wellbeing can be found in the immediate vicinity of the city center and just a stone’s throw from the main university. A colorful, extremely stylish interior inspires as soon as you step in and a look at the menu makes your heart beat faster: You will also find extremely inexpensive offers there. The team provides you with really good lunch menus, fine desserts or drinks after a strenuous lecture. Individuality and a very personal touch make the café something very special.

Cafe Jelinek

Dreamy cozy and extremely traditional – three adjectives that perfectly describe this pearl of Viennese coffee house tradition. Neighboring residents, students and famous personalities like to come and go here just as much as tourists *. With upholstered seating, the open fire in the fireplace and the large selection of coffee and pastries, Café Jelinek invites you to take a detour from the hectic everyday life. With the countless newspapers and magazines from all over the world that can be read there, it can easily happen that you forget the time around you.

Café Neko

Animals have a calming effect on people. As long as you are not allergic to them, of course. That’s why we find it so incredibly cozy in the city center of Café Neko. Why? Because there is not only coffee, homemade cakes and small snacks here, but also because five cats are at home in the restaurant. Luca, Moritz, Sonia, Thomas and Kurumi run around freely in the café. So it can be that they make themselves comfortable next to you and want to be petted by you. If you want to have some peace and quiet, you can hide in various places. But no matter whether one of the cute animals comes really close to us or we can only observe them from a distance – we find the fact that there are cats out and about, we find incredibly relaxing and cozy!

Burggasse 24

Are you plagued by wanderlust and the next summer vacation is still far too far away? It is a good thing that there are such wonderful locations in Vienna that can help. One of these is the wonderful Café Burggasse 24. Second hand shopping can be wonderfully combined with browsing in front of the open fireplace, breakfast or a coffee in between. The large plants, together with the shabby chic, ensure a lot of cosiness and deceleration.