Here Is What You Have To Know Before Your Next Flight

Who doesn’t dream of traveling to distant countries or flying to the south from time to time instead of pursuing the dreary everyday work? It doesn’t matter whether it’s short, medium or long-haul – in the end you somehow always struggle with the lack of space in the aircraft cabin, the dry air makes your eyes itch and a refreshing shower would be the only thing right now. Since airplanes do not yet have any personal showers and it will probably not become common practice in the near future for every passenger to have their own cabin, there are a few tricks to fall back on. Our simple tips will give you more comfort so you can travel with peace of mind.

Drink Plenty of Water

Our body consists of 60 to 70 percent water. The air on board is very dry due to the air conditioning. Instead of the optimal 40 to 60 percent humidity, there is only around 15 percent. That’s why we lose a lot of fluid on board an aircraft through the air we breathe, skin and mucous membranes. If you don’t drink enough on board, your blood will become thicker. This lack of water is one of the main reasons why flying is so exhausting for the body. It is therefore immensely important to prevent this deficiency by drinking plenty of water. This primarily means water. The following applies to optimal water balance: no coffee, no wine, no soft drinks and, above all, no alcohol. Depending on the cruising altitude, the alcohol rises faster into the head and dilates the blood vessels. This causes the legs to swell, especially on longer flights. So just drink plenty of water, because hydrated travel is better!

Don’t Lose Perspective

If you are dependent on visual aids, you should always use glasses instead of contact lenses. The dry aircraft air is not only noticeable in the form of dry skin, but also in the form of dry eyes. You will therefore find your glasses much more comfortable on the plane than your contact lenses. Additionally, you should consider packing eye drops with artificial tears. With this combination, you always have a clear view on board.


The best remedy for ear pressure is deliberate yawning. Don’t be shy, it’s a proven means of equalizing pressure. Up there, the usual rules of conduct – at least in this regard – are overridden. Alternatively, you can try sucking on candy or chewing gum. The main thing is that your jaw is moving and your facial muscles are relaxing. When the plane takes off and quickly gains altitude, dry swallowing will help. If the plane lands and drops sharply in altitude, pinch your nose and blow in air until your ears crackle. This is the best thing you can do against the increasing pressure.

Prevent Thrombosis

Even young people who may not feel directly addressed should not take thrombosis lightly. Support trumps are a popular aid and are available in every pharmacy. If you tend to suffer from weak veins, you can alternatively use compression stockings. It doesn’t matter whether you’re young or old, ideally, you shouldn’t cross your legs. This only makes blood circulation more difficult unnecessarily. Instead, just rotate your ankles every now and then and lift your toes. If you get up now and then, you keep your blood circulation going and actively counteract thrombosis.