The Most Exquisite Places To Visit When Touring Israel

Forget everything you may have heard about this distinctive country and check out exactly what you need to know! Not many people even know about this country, Israel is a small yet extremely diverse nation in the Middle East that offers an array of unique attractions to travelers of all ages, religions, and cultures. No matter the exact purpose of your visit to the land of milk and honey, from north to south there is definitely something for everyone! Whether it’s scenic desert landscapes, lush forests, breathtaking beaches, delightful foods, or some of the most interesting, historic sites in the world, you will no doubt be left in awe. Keep reading to see some of the most breathtaking places which every person needs to visit when touring Israel.

Masada National Park

Situated near the Dead Sea, Masada National Park is a definite must-do when visiting Israel. This mountaintop fortress in the Israeli desert can either be hiked via the Snake Path or the cable car. Either way, we highly recommend visiting this important and historical site. And to make this visit even more special, be sure to wake up extra early to experience the gorgeous sunrise.

Bahá’í Gardens

Next up is the magnificent Bahai Gardens which is situated in Haifa. The immaculately manicured gardens give visitors a full day to spend exploring the beautiful site as well as a stunning view of the sea. Not many people know but the Bahá’í Gardens are holy to the Bahá’í faith, the gardens are a temple to their god Bah. Don’t miss out on the view and the opportunity to learn about this unique religion.

Jerusalem’s Old City

Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, which is just part of the reason why it is a real must to visit this incredible city. Jerusalem is full of so much history, a variety of cultures and also has an unbelievable atmosphere. One of the places we recommend that you visit is the old city of Jerusalem. Not only can you find the most amazing foods in-between the narrow streets but you also get to experience gorgeous holy sites such as The Western Wall and the Church of the Holy Sepulcher.


Once you have done with all your touring around the beautiful county of Israel, Eilat is the ideal destination to help you unwind and relax. The beautiful city located at the southern tip of the country is packed with super hotels and resorts, as well as a large variety of many different activities to suit everyone. For example, visitors can dive along coral reefs and enjoy the stunning underwater world of the Red Sea while swimming with dolphins. If that’s not your cup of tea, why not enjoy the mouth-watering food options while soaking up the sun on the beach? Be aware that temperatures tend to get a lot hotter during the summertime. Regardless, the special views, shopping and beach vibe definitely make it so worthwhile.