The Most Magical Christmas Markets In Europe

Its that time of year again…Christmas will be here sooner than you know it. All across the world, just before the beginning of the holiday season, cities transform into a gorgeous winter wonderland with twinkling lights and splendid decorated Christmas trees. The air is completely filled with festivity and cheer. One of the best holiday traditions is the magic of attending a delightful Christmas market. From shopping to tasting some of the most delicious treats, there is no better way to celebrate the festive season. Take a look at some of the best Christmas markets from around the world.

Christkindelsmärik Christmas Market – France

Located in Strasbourg, France and brings in roughly 2 million visitors each year. With glistening lights that illuminate the narrow streets and the magnificently decorated trees, the Christkindelsmärik Christmas Market is said to be one of the oldest Chrsutamd markets in Europe. Guests that usually arrive from all over the world get to enjoy many stalls with the cutest toys, ornaments, and trinkets. However, that’s not all, the wine and delicious treats are also a huge favorite.

Kraków Christmas Market – Poland

Every year in Kraków’s Old Town, the most perfect, bustling Christmas market takes place with millions of visitors from all over. Local vendors fill the streets with an array of lovely goods and gifts for people both young and old. And of course, the food that on offer is completely mouth-watering. However, the main attraction of the whole market is the honored Kraków Christmas Crib Contest, where decorated re-creations of nativity cribs and Baroque churches are paraded around the square for judging. The Christmas market is usually open from early mornings until late at night.

Tivoli Gardens – Denmark

One of the best places to be in Denmark during Christmas is in Tivoli. The yearly, traditional market is held in Copenhagen at the Tivoli Gardens, thousands of lights brighten the whole area along with the heavenly scent of roasted almost from every corner are just divine. Additionally, one of the best features of the market is the frozen lake turned ice skating rink which can make you feel like you’re in a real-life fairytale. If you’re a traveler who loves to vacation around Christmas time to enjoy something different, this is one of the most unbelievable markets in the world. And we cant fail to mention that you’ll undoubtedly have some fantastic photo opportunities.

Albert Square Market – England

The next time you visit, Manchester, England during the winter holidays, you must take yourself off to the explore one of UK’s largest and most beautiful Christmas market. Many people from Europe actually argue that this Christmas market is truly the leading market in all of Europe. There are so many reasons as to why this makes for an ideal destination for a festive outing, firstly there are roughly 300 beautifully crafted stalls located across the city, with delicious, international food, drinks and finely crafted gifts in the heart of the buzzing city centre. Spread across 10 individual sites – each with its own distinctive character, the Manchester Christmas Markets have something to offer every visitor.